Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Corley Family Reunion

Saturday was the Corley Family Reunion at the Bedias Civic Center. If you missed it, you missed good food and good fellowship.

Gail Jackson had great stories about Bedias back when it was a thriving metropolis. Diane came even though Stanley is not doing well at all. Shane came after work - he heads off to Tarleton this fall. Robert and Lynda were there for the first time in several years. They brought Donte, Nicole, Darlene and Darlene's 3 week old son (his name is totally escaping me right now). Nell was there again for the second year in a row. Johnny Wayne and Linda came after missing last year. Johnny and Justin came but Savannah said she didn't want to come where all those "old" people were - typical 14 year old. :) Elaine gave me great ideas about my "first year of teaching" quilt. Mom didn't have a load, hooray! (I know she needs to work but I was glad she got to come) Kurt and Zoriada have been coming faithfully for the last several years. Todd and Laura were there after a couple years' absence. Jennifer and Bailey were there for the first time (I know Jennifer's been there before but not since she got married). Rachael was there under duress but she came. :) The prize though, goes to Tommy Lynn and his wife who are not even related to us. They had a wreck on the way, totaled their truck but were unswayed. They rented a car and came right on. Tommy Lynn was hurting pretty badly so they left early.

You also missed looking at the 1947 Bedias annual that had pictures of my parents as well as all my aunts and uncles except one (she wasn't in school yet) and several of their cousins. If you'd been there, you'd have gotten to see that when my dad was in 2nd grade, he looked exactly like Cody when he was younger. It was amazing!

Don't know these people? Come to the family reunion and get to know them!

After the reunion I made my yearly trek to the cemetery. I had sandals on so I didn't visit every ancestor's graves like I usually do. I only visited the people I personally know - Grannie and PawPaw Corley, Grannie and PawPaw Crouch, Steven, Uncle Thaman and Aunt Rosie.

Corley Family Reunion - 2nd Saturday in June every year - mark your calendar!

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Chris Crouch said...

I really wanted to be there this year. As of now it does appear that I will be attending next year.