Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's a Small World After All

Jesse and Corley spent the night with us Friday and Saturday night. When we went to church Sunday morning, the lady that took the boys to their Sunday School class ended up being a long-time former neighbor of Uncle Robert and Aunt Jean in Sugarland.

When we dropped off Corley, I told the teacher his name. When we dropped off Jesse, they knew who he was. The lady showing us where to go said that she couldn't help but notice that I said Corley's last name was Crouch and was I Becky Crouch. Of course she knew more about my family than I did (isn't that the norm? eveyone knows more about my family than I do). She told me that Gay's daughter got married last month and Jan's got married last Saturday (or was it the other way around - I don't remember).

So - it's a small world once again...

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